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The Practice East Auckland Psychologists

We are an experienced team of psychologists trained in several therapeutic modalities. We support adults, adolescents, children, and families by providing a caring and supportive space to promote well-being and growth during challenging circumstances.

Brief & Objectives

 The Practice East Auckland Psychologists has partnered with Forever Web for website design and development. This new website aims to achieve several key objectives: firstly, to increase patient visibility by acting as a central hub where potential clients can discover the practice’s services and connect with the team. Secondly, clear and informative content will showcase the psychologists’ qualifications, treatment areas, and approach to therapy, fostering trust with potential clients. Thirdly, the website will offer a user-friendly platform for scheduling consultations. Finally, ensuring the website is accessible on all devices.


Creating a website for The Practice East Auckland Psychologists presented some interesting hurdles. First and foremost, the mental health field demands a delicate balance. The site needs to be informative enough to attract potential clients and showcase the psychologists’ expertise. However, it also needs to avoid sharing sensitive details or compromising patient confidentiality. Another challenge lies in Auckland’s competitive psychology landscape. The website must effectively differentiate The Practice from other providers and clearly communicate the unique value it offers to patients.


Forever Web crafted a user-centered website for The Practice East Auckland Psychologists, prioritizing clear communication and a seamless user experience. The website prioritizes user-friendly language to explain therapy approaches and showcases the team’s qualifications through informative bios. This focus on accessibility fosters trust with potential clients seeking support, establishing The Practice as a leading resource for mental health services in East Auckland.


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