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RAW Module

RAW Module simplifies the way we design and build by offering a library of patented, off-the-shelf modules and components for rapid construction at affordable prices. Our Compact Modular range of load-bearing modules integrates all cabinetry, appliances and services (electrical, plumbing, gas, etc.) but still allows you to add your own personal touch of style with a choice of finishes, tops and fittings.

Brief & Objectives

Forever Web has been contacted by RAW Module, a company specializing in prefabricated building solutions, to design and develop their website. The goal of this project is to create a website that effectively showcases RAW Module’s innovative and sustainable approach to construction. There are two primary objectives for the website. First, it should establish a strong brand identity for RAW Module. Second, the website should enhance the user experience. This will be accomplished by developing a user-friendly platform that effectively highlights RAW Module’s product offerings and the options available.


Forever Web faced several challenges in ensuring RAW Module’s website was both informative and user-friendly. First, striking a balance between informative and credible content and an engaging visual experience proved crucial. Providing accurate details about their products and expertise while using high-quality, representative images demanded a careful balance. Secondly, maintaining a clear and consistent design that was easy on the eyes presented another hurdle. The website needed to be visually appealing yet avoid overwhelming visitors with clutter or complex navigation. Finally, ensuring user-friendliness across all devices was paramount. 


RAW Module’s website successfully overcame past challenges, resulting in a user-friendly and informative platform. The website now boasts clear and concise explanations of their irrigation products and services, making it easy for visitors to understand their offerings. High-quality images showcasing the products in action add credibility and visual appeal. The website’s clean and consistent design, achieved through careful planning, ensures a visually pleasing experience without overwhelming users. Furthermore, the responsive design ensures a smooth experience on any device, catering to today’s tech-savvy customer base. These improvements have led to an increase in user engagement and a stronger online presence for RAW Module.


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