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Intfin Group

Welkom by ons versekeringsmaatskappy. Ons kan jou help om ‘n ingeligte besluit te neem tot voordeel van jou finansiële toekoms. Deur jou te lei deur die talle finansiële produkte tot ons beskikking kan ons vir jou die nommerpas produk aanbeveel wat by jou unieke omstandighede pas.

Brief & Objectives

Intfin Group has chosen Forever Web to design and develop their brand new website. This exciting collaboration will equip Intfin Group with a powerful online platform to showcase their expertise and connect with a wider audience. The website should be a visually stunning design that reflects Intfin Group’s brand identity. This will create a positive first impression and build brand recognition. The website will serve as a platform to effectively communicate Intfin Group’s services and solutions, highlighting their value proposition and establishing them as industry leaders.


Forever Web faced several challenges in crafting the perfect website for Intfin Group. One hurdle was translating complex financial concepts into clear and concise language that resonates with a diverse audience. Simplifying insurance products and services, while maintaining accuracy, would be crucial to avoid overwhelming potential clients. Finally, catering to different user journeys would be important. Some visitors might be browsing for general information, while others might be ready for a quote. The website’s design and functionality would need to cater to both needs seamlessly, offering a smooth user experience regardless of the visitor’s intent.


The newly designed website garnered significant praise for its user-centric approach. The clear and intuitive navigation system made it effortless for visitors to explore Intfin Group’s services and expertise. The website’s visually captivating design, aligned perfectly with Intfin Group’s brand identity, created a strong first impression and instilled trust in their capabilities. Furthermore, the responsive functionality ensured a seamless experience across all devices, catering to the modern user’s browsing habits. These combined efforts translated into a measurable increase in qualified leads and solidified Intfin Group’s position as a frontrunner within the industry.


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