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The first website went live in 1991

Can you imagine a world without websites? No scrolling through social media, online shopping sprees, or even reading this very blog post! Well, that was reality not too long ago. The very first website went live on August 6, 1991. Fast-forward to today, and there are over 1.8 billion websites on the internet!
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From Humble Beginnings: The World Wide Web

On August 6, 1991, the very first website went live. Created by Tim Berners-Lee, it was a simple page hosted at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, that explained the concept of the World Wide Web and how to use it.

The web has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and it continues to evolve and grow at an incredible pace. Think about how much information you can access at your fingertips today – it’s truly a revolution in communication and information sharing.

Here are some fun facts to ponder:

  • If every website on the internet were a grain of sand, we’d have enough to fill over 180 billion beaches! (That’s a lot of sandcastles.)
  • The world’s first online purchase? A Sting CD in 1994 (way to go, music lover!)

The next time you click around the web, take a moment to appreciate the incredible journey it’s taken. From a single website to a global phenomenon, the web has changed the world!


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