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Akabeko Boutique Hotel

All the benefits of modern luxuries, in a traditional countryside setting. Akabeko Boutique Hotel is situated on a working cattle farm. Experience the luxury of time at Akabeko Boutique Hotel. Hidden in the Valleys of the Mpumalanga Mountains and nestled amongst the lush gardens along the Hoppe River.

Brief & Objectives

Akabeko Boutique Hotel, a valued client, has partnered with Forever Web for the design and development of their new website. This project aims to create a visually captivating website that embodies Akabeko’s unique brand identity. The primary objectives are to: Strengthen Brand Presence and craft a website that reflects Akabeko’s brand essence, fostering a positive first impression and solidifying brand recognition. Enhance Communication: Develop a user-friendly platform that effectively communicates Akabeko’s offerings and value proposition, positioning them as a leader in the hospitality industry.


Forever Web encountered several hurdles in revamping Akabeko Boutique Hotel’s digital presence. A key challenge was ensuring the website resonated with a broad audience. This meant capturing the essence of Akabeko’s unique charm and luxurious ambiance, while simultaneously conveying the practical aspects of booking a stay. Striking a balance between showcasing the hotel’s idyllic escape and providing clear information about amenities, rates, and availability was crucial. 


The all-new Akabeko Boutique Hotel website has been lauded for its focus on guest experience. The streamlined navigation allows visitors to effortlessly explore the hotel’s luxurious accommodations, stunning surroundings, and unique activities. The website’s breathtaking visuals, perfectly capturing Akabeko’s essence of tranquility and modern luxury, create an unforgettable first impression and evoke a sense of escape. Additionally, the responsive design ensures a flawless experience on any device, catering to today’s on-the-go traveler. This combination of user-friendly features has resulted in a significant increase in bookings and solidified Akabeko Boutique Hotel’s position as a premier luxury escape in Mpumalanga.


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